Research Spotlight

I Know, but I Would Rather Be Beautiful: The Impact of Self-Esteem, Narcissism, and Knowledge on Addictive Tanning Behavior in Millennials

By Dr. Gail Zank and Dr. Anna Turri

This research examines consumers’ current level of sun protection knowledge and prevention, tanning motivation, and behavior. This baseline information provides a clearer understanding of actual consumer behavior and can be used to determine what knowledge deficits exist so that future research, educational materials, and communication efforts can be tailored to address those more directly.


Groundwater Knowledge in Texas

By Joni S.J. Charles

In a recent report prepared for the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Dr. Joni Charles reports the results of a survey of Texas residents’ knowledge,perceptions, and understanding of groundwater. Questions posed in the online and print versions of the survey also asked about respondents’ perceptions of current and future groundwater availability, their perceptions of what impairs groundwater quality, the impact of certain land uses, practices and pollutants on groundwater quality, and their sources of drinking water.